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IEEE Tech Societies Media offers a variety of print and digital magazines for product and recruitment advertising.

Whether your engineering products fall into the topics of Aerospace, Biomedical, Consumer Electronics, Computing, Energy, Green Tech, Robotics, Semiconductors, Telecom or Transportation, we have the advertising solution you need to substantially increase your bottom line.

See the listing below for all of them, and print out a report for the ones you might be interested in!


Print Report
IEEE Electron Devices Society NewsletterQuarterly 10,500Add to Report
IEEE Pulse MagazineBimonthly 900Add to Report
IEEE Communications Society Magazine – Print & DigitalMonthly 39,927Add to Report
IEEE Communications Society Standards – Print & DigitalMonthly 39,927Add to Report
The Institute – Print & DigitalQuarterly 394,540Add to Report
IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems MagazineMonthly 6,026Add to Report
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine – Print & DigitalBimonthly 10,140Add to Report
IEEE Circuits and Systems MagazineQuarterly 11,722Add to Report
IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine – Print & DigitalQuarterly 9,522Add to Report
IEEE Consumer Electronics MagazineQuarterly 4,239Add to Report
IEEE Control Systems MagazineBimonthly 11,125Add to Report
IEEE Design & Test MagazineBimonthly 1,017Add to Report
IEEE Electrical Insulation MagazineBimonthly 3,966Add to Report
IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility MagazineQuarterly 4,896Add to Report
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine – DigitalQuarterly 4,653Add to Report
IEEE Industrial Electronics MagazineQuarterly 7,841Add to Report
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems MagazineQuarterly 2,222Add to Report
IEEE Industry Applications MagazineBimonthly 14,393Add to Report
IEEE Microwave Magazine8 Issues 12,989Add to Report
IEEE Nanotechnology MagazineQuarterly 2,330Add to Report
IEEE Photonics Society NewsBimonthly 6,580Add to Report
IEEE Potentials – Print & DigitalBimonthly 27,118Add to Report
IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine – Print & DigitalQuarterly 15,529Add to Report
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine – Print & DigitalBimonthly 22,163Add to Report
IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Magazine – DigitalQuarterly 5,830Add to Report
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine – Print & DigitalQuarterly 2,211Add to Report
The Bridge Magazine – Digital Only3 Issues 11,384Add to Report
IEEE Vehicular Technology MagazineQuarterly 5,349Add to Report
IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine – Print & DigitalSemiannual 19,409Add to Report
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