IEEE Communications Society Banners

The IEEE Communications Society Website boasts an average of 66,000 unique visitors and 177,000 page views each month.

Home Page Package:

Capture the attention of thousands of professionals in the communication technology field through a premium advertising banner opportunity on the Home Page of the IEEE Communications Society.

Publications Page Package:

Reach communication engineers across four IEEE Communications Society online publications, destinations and blogs. For the first time, industry can deliver product solutions banner messages to this targeted influential audience though a comprehensive online package. Your banner messages reach communications engineers seeking technologies to solve telecom/datacom design challenges.

Place leaderboard or medium rectangle banner across package of four popular IEEE Communications Society’s publication sites including:

  • IEEE Communications Society Magazine Digital Edition
  • IEEE Communications Society Technology News
  • IEEE Communications Society Publications Digest
  • Best Readings in Communications
  • Communications Industry News
  • IEEE Communications Society Blog
  • Wireless Communications Professional Newsletter
  • Additional IEEE Communications Society sponsored publications